About TerraSpatial Technologies

From work order conception through to design, construction, and closing, we make accurate and timely financial reporting and operations management easy. One tool, one training curve - all at a price that also makes CFOs smile.

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The legacy of Plantworks and Mapworks began in the 1990’s when electric and water utilities across the U.S. were engaged to collaboratively design a system specifically optimized for distribution utility work orders. Specific capabilities were needed for the Engineering and Finance departments.

What evolved was a plant construction model and work order workflow to automatically create a financial scaffolding on a job-to-job basis. Engineers concentrate on engineering functions. Accountants concentrate on job costs, which fall right into place. Plant accounting happens for each job with minimal fuss. Everyone has a clear view of the work order, and everyone has the tools, controls, and reporting they need to feel confident.

The value is clear: Managing numerous work orders in various states between proposal and completion, from simple service jobs to complex builds, makes for lots of moving parts. Taken in full, our systems are ergonomic, and streamline this management.

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