Turn your Utility's GIS into a Turnkey, Integrated Plant Modeling and Staking Solution.


What is MapWorks?

MapWorks extends Esri ArcGIS Pro by leveraging the power of its drafting and GIS capabilities and provides straightforward tools and an interface for easy and accurate management within an electric, water, sewer/storm utility plant.

Specially designed tools within the MapWorks Esri ArcGIS Pro Extension drastically cut the learning curve for utility plant GIS and job staking. MapWorks simplifies the process of designing jobs and maintaining maps and integrates with your existing CIS/billing system to enable customer-aware service locations.

MapWorks is the GIS/Mapping component to the PlantWorks workflow for our Work Order and Asset Management tools.

Plant GIS – Job Staking – Estimating – Outage Management (OMS)

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Why Use MapWorks?


GIS, Simplified

MapWorks provides specialized tools specific to managing a utility, allowing you to concentrate on designing jobs and maintaining an accurate plant model instead of learning every nuance of GIS/Drafting Software. Even users with little or no engineering background can learn to use MapWorks within just a few hours.


Easy Configuration

MapWorks fits naturally within Esri ArcGIS Pro functions to layer in base maps, parcel maps, geocoded aerial photography, and more. Esri ArcGIS Pro also gives you compatibility with ESRI shape files and other formats. Drawing, editing, and building connectivity has never been easier.


Works Hand-in-Hand with PlantWorks

MapWorks is built from the ground up to function as a component of the work order process to complete the TST Unified Work Order model. Staking edits made within MapWorks provide staking data to PlantWorks for automated work order cost estimating, processing, and capitalization.


Intelligent Outage Management

Quickly locate and report service outage points by customer information or by any known plant attribute. When given multiple service outage reports, MapWorks will automatically locate probable failure locations so they can be resolved quickly. MapWorks allows a user to quickly visualize and export affected customer data to assist in providing proactive notification for planned outages.


Works Around-The-Clock

An on-premises database ensures fast and reliable service, so you have situational awareness even during those most important times when power and data services are out.


Switching & Connectivity Tools

For an electric plant, MapWorks provides switching and connectivity tools, including build-as-you-go connectivity. Staking connectivity is isolated from the plant until the job is built.

MapWorks makes drawing, editing, and staking easy while also automating the process of communicating critical information across the utility a simple and efficient process every time.

Let us demonstrate the power and efficiency of MapWorks for drawing and editing, building connectivity, outage management, and facilitating the work order process:

Let Us Show You How TerraSpatial Technologies Can Improve Your Utility's Work Order Process

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